Girls Thrive for Islam

Empowering young women through the teachings of Islam


Girls Thrive for Islam


GTI was created with the purpose of connecting and empowering young Muslim women. We strive to cultivate life-long relationships with Allah, as well as with our fellow Muslim girls. By holding meaningful Islamic discussions, organizing fun events, and giving back to the community, GTI aspires to introduce the Islamic environment that our turbulent society lacks today. GTI is a platform for the next generation of strong, independent Muslim women, a place for us to unite and be who we truly are.


What Is Our Goal?

We all grew up learning about the rules of Islam, never knowing why we were Muslims. In GTI, our goal is to teach the beauty of Islam. Islam is a wholesome and progressive lifestyle, not just a book of rules. Look at this hadith:


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This year, we decided to collab with ICNA Relief, a volunteering program nationwide, to help us grow as a youth group! We will have our first Winter Drive on January 16th, 2021 for MLK day. We will continue to work with them to expand our group! 

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